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Unit Type For Sale Price Area(sq.m.) Notes
Arielle ₱ 2,700,000 FA: 36 / LA: 42 Other Cuts Available
Criselle ₱ 3,200,000 FA: 40 / LA: 63 Other Cuts Available
Ezabelle ₱ 3,300,000 FA: 46 / LA: 63 Other Cuts Available
Frielle ₱ 4,800,000 FA: 50 / LA: 153 Other Cuts Available
Bella ₱ 5,000,000 FA: 53 / LA: 88 Other Cuts Available
Brielle ₱ 2,500,000 FA: 40 / LA: 42 Other Cuts Available
Cara ₱ 5,600,000 FA: 66 / LA: 88 Other Cuts Available
Freya ₱ 11,200,000 FA: 142 / LA: 171 Other Cuts Available
Mika ₱ 5,200,000 FA: 46 / LA: 85 Other Cuts Available
Ravena ₱ 3,400,000 FA: 40 / LA: 40 Other Cuts Available
Greta ₱ 13,000,000 FA: 166 / LA: 239 Other Cuts Available
Lot Only ₱ 2,000,000 63 Other Cuts Available
Ella ₱ 7,200,000 FA: 100 / LA: 110 Other Cuts Available
Dana ₱ 6,400,000 FA: 85 / LA: 99 Other Cuts Available
Alli ₱ 4,300,000 FA: 40 / LA: 88 Other Cuts Available

The historical significance of the place and its proximity to Metro Manila makes Malolos an ideal sanctuary for anyone. With the booming economy with a number of industries distributed within the city, Malolos is surely poised to be a city to contend with in all areas – be it education, government, tourism, banking or business. The fact that it has spread its wings to open various industries other than what they’ve used to all along is a testament that this city is ready for greater challenges.  This city rich in cultural heritage is likely to embrace the emerging trends of the times. Locals are ready to adjust and change to modern and sophisticated living. 

As we continue to strive to reach for our dreams in life, we work very hard. We persevere and we do not lose focus.  The rewards as you attain these dreams   will be so worth it. Like owning a home at CAMELLA Provence – the warmth and coziness of the home in a French-themed setting with lush trees, landscapes and modern amenities are enough reasons to want this   for yourself and your love ones. Life is truly rewarding when you always set your minds and hearts to whatever you wish for and dream. So, keep on dreaming on until you own that home at CAMELLA Provence.

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